Game events progress in real-time. The player has, in real-time seven days to finish.
It has been six months since the hit debut of "Escape from the Werewolf Village", the first title in our One Week Game series. This summer, volume 2 hits the scene combining an engaging story of high adventure with devious puzzles.
After investigating a seemingly trivial matter at a haunted mansion, Marcus and the Castle Hill Boy's Detective Club soon find themselves knee-deep in a devious plot that threatens to shatter the town of Castle Hill!

  • The game occurs in real-time, over the course of seven days.

    This is how it works. If it is afternoon in the real world, it is also afternoon in the game world. When it becomes night in the real world, it also becomes night in the game world.
    This story requires you to visit various locations in the game world at precise times in the real world.

  • Enjoy a sophisticated story with major plot events occurring every day.

    It started with an investigation of a puzzling haunted mansion in the English suburb of Castle Hill.
    Now a group of young teenagers find themselves thrust into a plot that deepens by the day.
    Each day, they unravel new mysteries surrounding the town, but only on the 7th day will the full truth be revealed!

  • A massive amount and variety of mysteries that will challenge your intelligence.

    Provide a rich variation mystery Inspiration system, logical system, such as mechanical puzzles.
    Of course, the mystery of a unique smartphone!
    Mystery of five or more per day stand for you!

  • New Game System, Tweet + Recall

    You will see tweets of people who live in Castle Hill in real-time. Those tweets that you can "Recall" will help you to get important information. It's the key to check the tweets to solve the mysteries happening in Castle Hill.

  • Conversation and Searching are the key that leads you to the truth.

    Talking to people and searching in town gives you new items and new puzzles that make you get to the heart of the story. Listening to their words and searching carefully will take another turn.

  • When you're stuck, use Genius Candy

    The myteries in this story might puzzle you. So let's have an Genius Candy when you're stuck! You have 5 candies at first, then you'll get one by one when you complete a day in the game. *You can also purchase an additional candy.

Please don't post spoilers and solutions to the puzzles online,
whether by Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, etc.

  • This is not an easy game and it cannot be solved by everyone. Please understand this before purchasing the game.
  • We are unable to answer any questions regarding the puzzle solutions.
  • The game can only be completed one day at a time. The game world clock is synchronized to real world time, so if you start the game at 11pm you will only have 1 hour remaining in the day to complete the first day of the game. Please start the game only when you feel you have enough time to spare.
  • Purchase

    Price: The first day of the seven days in the game is free. $1.99 for playing from the second day to seventh day.

  • System Requirements width=

    • Support for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPod touch(3rd and 4th Generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later, Android 2.2 or later.

    • "iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. The iPhone trademark is licensed with permission from Aihon Inc. The Android trademark is licensed with permission from Google Inc. "
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