12 years old

The leader of the Castle Hill Detective Boys that's cheerful and mischievous. He's headstrong, which makes him fail a lot, but he won't lose to anyone. He loves pranks and is difficult for the townspeople to handle. His grades aren't that great, but he's a pro at athletics.


12 years old

A bit of a cowardly kid, he's a member of the Castle Hill Detective Boys. He loves taking apart radios and putting together models. Despite his cowardice he's the best out of everyone when it comes to calmly making decisions. His hobby is photography.


12 years old

A girl that joined the Castle Hill Detective Boys out of pure luck. She's cheerful and openminded, and she's at the top of her class in school. Sometimes she can be strong-willed, and when she gets mad it can become overwhelming even for Marcus.


37 years old

Marcus and the others' homeroom and social studies teacher. He's a researcher of local town histories, and knows a lot about Castle Hill's history. He's against the mayor's forcible urban development plan.


42 years old

The science teacher of the school Marcus and the others attend. It's normal for him to space out, and he doesn't have much interest in anything other than experiments. His hobby is walking, and he tends to stagger about town during summer break. His key phrase is "You cannot declare something as absolute."


72 years old

An old homeless man that lives in the abandoned car at a grove in the woods. At first glance he looks eerie, but he's gentle and kind, and he lives together with small birds gathering nuts and berries. After meeting with Marcus and the others while on their treasure hunt, he decided to watch over the boys.


61 years old

The mayor that's forcing the progress of his urban development plan. He makes sure that goals are reached at all costs, and doesn't seem to be liked by the townspeople, but he's a worker that is serious about his job.


55 years old

The talkative old lady that runs Merchant Store Brown. She can sound rude, but she keeps her nerves at bay to help others. She never holds back on what she says to people, which makes her a catalyst for the people. She's against the urban development plan.


32 years old

A technician in charge of Castle Hill's reservoir. There are sometimes where his behavior can be a bit rough, but he's very dexterous, so Madge and Gordon often rely on him for repairs. So he can be considered a kind person willing to help others.


28 years old

Mayor Alfred's secretary. She doesn't consider many things, but she's the only person out of everyone that respects the mayor. Lately, she's been living in the newly established New Town.

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